Legal Advice

Our legal services:
- Legal advice of any kind .
- Assistance in collecting of the documents required for buying or selling a property.
- Checking of the ownership of the property.
- Checking for lack of obligations
- Tax advice .
- Preparing various types of contracts and preparation of deeds .
- Checking of all the documents related to the transaction .
- Representation in the transaction .
Other legal services:
- Opening companies: LTD, etc.
- For customers of Velmar Estate , opening of a company is free.
Tips and Facts :
- From 01.01.2012, EU citizens can buy property and regulated land without having to open companies for this.
- Since 2014, foreigners and foreign legal entities can acquire ownership of land, forests and forest lands , and agricultural land under certain conditions.
Legal advice and services provided by our agency :
- Buying Property in Bulgaria can be a very quick, easy and enjoyable process for foreigners wishing to become owners of such . Our company Velmar Estate will help you and your company with professional advice about legal and accounting. Over the years , we have built expertise in real estate, we are already know all the peculiarities of the processes of purchase and sale of real estate and management companies . In our team work undoubted capacities in the fields of law , accounting and surveying. With their help, any transaction or case study is carried out easily, quickly and accurately. Bulgaria Home Care Nova Build строителна компания Luxury Villa Rosa dei Venti Furnishing Balchik in a movie