• Views
  • Garden view
  • Extras
  • Fire place
  • Central heating
  • Car park:
  • Includes
  • Finished in: 2011
  • Furnishing
  • Fitted kitchen
  • Fitted bathroom
  • Security system
  • Internet
  • Digital TV
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Distances
  • 55km
  • 160km
  • 2km
  • 500m
  • 1km
  • 10km
  • 3km
  • 7km
  • 3km
  • 500m
  • 7km
  • 10km
  • 40km
  • 7km
  • 19km
  • 29km
  • 40km

2 000 Euro reservation deposit.
20% of the preliminary contract.
80% of the final agreement and transfer of ownership.


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There is a possibility to buy the neighboring property, which is identical to this one, thus increasing the area of the yard, and the second villa can be rented out in order to return the investment.


The price for both houses is 250,000 Euros.


Selling prices of real estates in Bulgaria are in Euro. For your convenience, on our website you can check what the equivalent of the selling price is for the present day in both currencies – USD and GPB. This equivalent is calculated automatically and is bounded with the currency exchange rate for the specific day, therefore it may vary.


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