The pearl of Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea, the ancient town of Balchik, is located 40 km to the north-east from Varna and 70 km away from Romania. If one looks at the town from the sea, one will be astonished by its whiteness and amphitheatral structure. Streets organized in levels on the slopes of the hills create an inimitable image of the town. Horizontally located streets the serpentines cross the vertical streets the steps, which wind between the buildings. In Balchik houses have specific seaside style - combination of white, the color of red tile, and yellow. In summer the landscape is refreshed by rich greenery of trees and flowers.
The town was founded in VI century BC; it is the successor of Thracian settlement of Kruni or Kronos (a spring) and Classical Greek settlement of Dionisopolis (Dionysus - the god of nature, wine, and merriment). The town is located at a quiet bay between beautiful white hills, due to which Balchik is also called the "White Town”. Palace of Queen Maria with the Botanic garden, museums, ancient orthodox churches (5 of them in the town with population of 15 thousand people!), amphitheatrally located houses, stone stairs and looked-after springs make this town a favorite tourist destination. 7 km from Balchik there is the resort of Albena; every 15 minutes microbuses and buses depart from Balchik heading for the resort. The town also enjoys good connectivity with Varna and the airport. At the distance of 3 km from the town there is the well-known institution for mud cures “Tuzlata”.
Seaside part of the resort represents one of the most valuable mineralogical zones of Bulgaria. Mineral springs are almost as symbolic for the country, as a rose. Excellent combination of seaside climate and mineral baths, dozens of hydrothermal springs and healing mud add to the range of recreational opportunities.
Tourists and particularly lovers of historical heritage and culture prefer Balchik due to its original architecture and inimitable terrain. Every year several hundreds of tourists visit Balchik and “Dvorets” architectural complex, whereas the last years demonstrated considerable improvement in the range of opportunities of pleasant and interesting vacation. Among the new tourist attractions one can find yachting - with the best equipment and protection on the Black Sea coast - and numerous well-organized cultural events. Clean air, tranquillity of a small town, and places of interest combined with still reasonable prices for real estate offer an opportunity of enjoying every summer within one’s own house or a villa in Balchik. Bulgaria Home Care Nova Build строителна компания Luxury Villa Rosa dei Venti Furnishing Balchik in a movie