No doubt, Albena resort is one of the most well-known and the best Bulgarian resorts. It is perfect for having a family vacation with children. Besides, it follows the latest requirements of the time and offers the tourist with the widest range of additional services at the seaside. The resort is located at the distance of 35 km from the city and the airport of Varna. Albena became the first private Bulgarian resort as an integral complex.
For preservation of the ecology of the sea and the adjacent areas Albena was given the “Blue Flag” award. Nearby the resort there is the National Park - the most northerly reservation of lianas, in a class by itself; for this reason oxygenated air of Albena is surprisingly clean and recovering. Here one can find the largest in Bulgaria beach with golden sand, which is just perfect for small children; the beach is followed by shallow sea line 100 to 150 m wide. Attractiveness of considerable territory of the resort gained general recognition due to its parks, lawns, alleys, and garden houses with nothing of the kind to be found at the other resorts. It can be explained by the fact that the whole complex of Albena, including hotels and all the adjacent territory, is in ownership of a single legal entity, shareholders of which are represented by the workers of the resort. For this reason not only the hotels, but the whole surrounding area is well-managed and offers comfort to its guests.
It is an unquestioning advantage of choosing Albena as a place of rest for all of your family. Your children will have an excellent opportunity of going info sports, for Albena has all the relevant facilities: pools, water cartings and carting grounds, water cycles and rides. The shore also offers wide range of entertainment facilities: skateboard lanes, mini-golf courses, grounds for archery, as well as an opportunity of riding horses or ponies. Experienced trainers will help teenagers to master various popular sports for adults, such as surfing and water skiing. Besides, kindergarten and various children clubs with well-chosen personnel are always happy to welcome their small visitors. The cleanest sea, crystal air, and wonderful nature make a unique combination, due to which Albena is an excellent resort for family vacation. Vacation in Albena - the best choice for people travelling with children. It should be noted that, despite the highest level of service, Albena tours are quite affordable, that is why buying of tours to Albena is the best choice in terms of value for money. The Albena resort is suitable not only for people enjoying their family vacation, but also for those preferring active pastime - amateur and professional sportsmen. And those who wish to combine rest and recreation can enjoy various healing and spa procedures. Bulgaria Home Care Nova Build строителна компания Luxury Villa Rosa dei Venti Furnishing Balchik in a movie